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Krabi Elephant Love & Care

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krabi elephant

Welcome to Krabi Elephant Thailand

Krabi Elephant Thai Elephants are priceless Elephants. Is a docile and obedient animal, cute. Currently, elephants are conservation animals. And rarely used to work as before Those who possess Elephants must maintain and look after the elephants as well.

For those who want to see and be close to Elephants.
We have activities for you to participate in caring for elephants.
Both in a full day and a half days,

  • Such as taking care of Elephants.
  • Mud bathing and cleaning Elephants.
  • Feeding Elephants
  • Walking with Elephants along the path.

Can combine with us every day

Elephant Care Program

Get to know elephants, take care of elephants, touch elephants closely We are open for you to take care of elephants with us for a full day and a half day.

Start Time: 08.30 am.

Elephant care Full Day

Time: 08.30am. 10.00 am. 13.30 pm.

Elephant care Half Day

Jungle day trip

We have services to visit the emerald pool in the forest and hot waterfall, Tiger Cave Temple, including kayaking. And have fun driving ATV
The program allows you to participate in both full and half days.

Emerald Pool, Hot Spring waterfall, Tiger Cave Temple

Jungle 3 in 1 Full day

Jungle 2 in 1 Full day

Emerald Pool, Hot Spring waterfall

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